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The Mess of Trafficking

Apr 4, 2014

I organized my information in my concept map by figuring out what was important and what was irrelevant. The topic, Human Trafficking, was placed in the middle. The sub-topics were placed around the main topic. The important information was placed around the subtopics to help remind me what to mention in my paper. My sub-topics were About, Child Trafficking, Human Rights and Types. I chose this way to conceptualize my ideas because it helps me expand my main topic better. This is because I can expand each topic and group my ideas. I can also see how to write my paper by what’s not specific to what is specific. The only challenge I faced was trying to realize what ideas go under which topic. It looks like it is a mess but the topic is a mess altogether.

My map relates to the research already found. This is because in my concept map, I have child trafficking as a sub-topic. I read an article called “Daughters For Sale” that is about Indian children being trafficked. I also had About as a sub-topic and I read an article called “Global Slavery by the Numbers” that explains the causes of human trafficking. As a sub-topic for About, I have People. “Human Trafficking: The Myths and The Reality” is another article I read. It relates to the sub-topic People because it explains how women are not the only ones that are victims of Human Trafficking. There are other topics in my concept map but I have yet to find the write article for them.

I have holes in my research. I have not found relevant articles for my sub-topics Human Rights, Sex Tourism, Effects and Sex Trafficking. I would like to search how Human Trafficking violates Human Rights. I would also like to research what is sex tourism and how is it not found out about. To research Sex Trafficking, I will research how the victims get into it and why. Lastly, I will research the affects Human Trafficking has economically, politically and how it affects the people involved. I want to know how Human trafficking also affects job availability. The tags I will use to research these items are human rights, sex trafficking, violation of rights, sex tourism, force, emotional effect, physical effect, economic effect, physical effect and human trafficking effects.

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